size comparison guide

Beyond personal preference, there are various factors to take into account before picking a mattress size. For example: How big is your bedroom? Do you share the bed with a partner or pets? Is living space or sleeping space more important to you? We have three standard mattress sizes to give you a better idea about which mattress is appropriate for you.


Double Size Mattress 

Wider than a king single, but smaller than a queen, the double size nicklor mattress is perfect for a single adult to sleep soundly. The double -size mattress is optimal for a single adult who wants more space than a king single or for a couple who doesn't mind snuggling through the night.

Queen Size Mattress 

The most popular mattress size, the queen-sized nicklor mattress is great for Individual wanting more space, couples of all ages, and parents with kids who reckon there’s room for everyone on Sunday morning. Adding a queen nicklor mattress to your bedroom will bring you night after night cooling, body contouring and core support.

King Size Mattress 

Buying a king size nicklor mattress will give you an added 30cm of width over a queen mattress (the length is the same), which means you’ll have plenty of space to read, roam, roll, play, dream and sprawl over the course of a night. You’ll instantly fall in love with the three-layered design, the soft coziness of our single-piece cover.