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That feeling when you slip into bed at the end of a long day can only be matched by sleeping in on the weekend, feeling like you can simply stay there until nightfall. But not all beds can drive this lullaby lust, some mattresses are simply not made you and your sleeping preferences. Short of sprawling out in-store and taking a nap, how do you determine whether or not the mattress is the right fit for your needs?

The benefits of a 100-Night Trial

Before we make any important decisions in life, we’ll usually try it out in one way or another. Your mattress is no different, which is why Nicklor will encourage a 100-Night Trial to all those looking for their next great sleep before you buy a mattress online. The trial period is extended for 14 to 100 days, and if you suspect there is another Nicklor mattress that may be a better fit, you can exchange your mattress to one with another level of firmness. There are no strings attached before, during or after the trial period so enjoy the mattress without the pressure of purchase.

What should I be taking notice of during the trial period?

Approach the trial like a project, assessing and grading each sleep to build a picture of what it is you are seeking from your mattress. During your 100-Night Trial period, make sure these attributes are present in the mattress and experienced throughout your nights sleep.

Firmness: The options are medium and firm when considering the feel of a mattress, and everyone has a preference. Coyle mattresses have the dual function of providing support while feeling comfortably buoyant.

Size: The options are Double, Queen and King. Make the decision based on what you are accustomed to, to avoid a situation of an ill-fitting bed arriving at your home.

Base: Your bed will impact your mattress experience, so make sure the base you have is up to the quality that you and your body need. Nicklor offers bed bases, which can be viewed and trialled at a showroom.

Can I try the mattress before the trial period?

The trial period is critical in making the final decision of which mattress is right for you, but you may want to get an idea of the comfort and style before your trial mattress arrives at your home. For Melbourne-based sleepers, you can experience the collection of Nicklor beds at the Thomastown showroom every Saturday and Sunday between 10am and 4pm. Here you will find all the Nicklor styles of mattresses; Cirrus, Nimbus and Cumulus. These mattresses will be available in different sizes and firmness. The showroom will also be an opportunity to see the bed frames in action.


Don’t risk a future with the wrong mattress and take advantage of the Nicklor 100-Night Trial, designed to tap into your dreamy desires. This will avoid a scenario where you buy a mattress based on its metrics, without considering the most important factor of all - comfort and fit.

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