Feeling the Heat - How to Avoid Overheating While Asleep

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One of the biggest challenges in getting a comfortable night’s sleep is in keeping your body cool. Nobody enjoys waking up clammy, sweaty or otherwise overheated.

While there are a number of reasons people suffer from poorly climate controlled rest, many of the most common reasons are entirely avoidable and can be controlled or eliminated by employing a few choice tips and techniques.

Cool Comforts

The material of your bedding (both the mattress and any manchester) plays a huge part in how your body regulates and responds to temperature. Though mattresses are often constructed from a mixture of foam, springs and latex, not all are created equal when it comes to comfort and climate control.

Materials such as foam have beneficial properties - they provide cushioning comfort, and can help to control some allergens such as dust mites and bed bugs through the lack of oxygen and moisture inherent in sealed foam. Although this can be beneficial for an allergy sufferer, poorly-designed foam bedding (or a mattress encased in a synthetic, plastic hypoallergenic sheet) can result in poor climate control, with a reduced ability to wick away sweat through absorption or airflow. Make sure the mattress and bedding you choose allows for natural airflow and sweat-wicking.

Nicklor mattresses are designed and made in Australia, and provide you comfort all summer (and winter) through the use of bamboo, natural latex and technologically enhanced foam.

Mind The Ambient Temperature

The overall temperature of your house will also play a large part in your sleep comfort. If you’re in a house which traps heat overnight, it might be time to start taking steps in the daytime to prevent heat build-up, and to encourage air circulation. Small actions (such as closing blinds and curtains in areas where sunlight directly warms the house) can help to reduce the ambient temperature. Opening the window once the outside air has cooled can also help to encourage air movement.

Effective air circulation in the bedroom can be provided by a pedestal or ceiling fan. If you have air conditioning, it’s a good idea to encourage airflow by either putting it on a fan setting or distributing the cool air with a separate fan. 

Select Quality Bedding

Choosing the right bedding for your situation is important. If you live in an area where the temperature fluctuates significantly between summer and winter, it’s wise to vary your bedding according to the season. Heavy, polyester quilts may be cosy and warm in the winter, but will be of little value in the heat of summer when all you need is a light sheet or cotton bedspread.

Where possible, buy the best quality fabrics you can afford. High thread count sheets (made from either cotton or bamboo) and comforters provide great climate control naturally, and are easy to wash and care for. If you’re ready for your best night’s sleep, get in touch with Nicklor today to start your free 100-day trial. We have an Australian made and designed mattress that’s right for you and your lifestyle.

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