Good Sleep for Bad Backs

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Many of us suffer from bad backs which means knowing how to sleep to minimise the impact of pain is crucial to a good night's sleep. Whether you’re a back, side, or front sleeper, we’ve got great advice and the right bed for you.

Back Sleepers

Lying on your back is recommended as the best position to manage back pain from.  If you can manage it, this position will give you the ultimate comfort and back rest. While lying on your back, using  a pillow under your knees will support you throughout the night. Using a pillow mimics the natural curvature of your back to ensure you’re not sleeping in awkward positions where your muscles are unnecessarily strained. If that’s still not enough support, you can use a rolled up towel and place it in the middle of your back for extra comfort.

Side Sleepers

This position can alleviate pain as sleeping curled up in the fetal position allows your spine to extend. In this position, putting a pillow between your legs can help keep your pain to a minimum. It’s also a good idea to switch between the sides of your body you sleep on to give your back a rest.


Front Sleepers

Sleeping on your front should be avoided as this can exacerbate any back pain you experience and further damage your body. However, if this is the only way you can get to sleep, put a pillow under your hips to ease the pressure being put on your spine in this position..


Replacement Time

If your bed is inching towards a decade old, then it’s more than time to replace it with a brand new one. We recommend a firm mattress for back pain sufferers as this provides the best level of support.

You can check out our superior firm mattress, Cumulus which is our top of the range model. All of our mattresses come with the option of choosing medium or firm. Check out our range for a mattress to suit you, your budget and your back.


Pillow Choice

Your choice of pillow can greatly influence how you sleep and whether your back pain becomes inflamed. As is the case for your choice of mattress, your choice of pillow should also be matched to the kind of sleeping position you prefer. Like our mattresses, we recommend memory foam for the best comfort while you sleep. Memory foam molds itself to your body, meaning you will be supported no matter how or where your head falls, unlike traditional goose feather pillows.

Whatever your sleeping position, we hope we’ve made choosing the right mattress for you a little bit easier. At Nicklor, we take great pride in our products and we would love to help you get a good night sleep. For premium bedding and exceptional service, give us a call and start your 100-night trial today. You’ll be supporting an Australian company who creates and delivers only the best in bedding.

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