5 Bedtime Accessories For A Better Nights Sleep

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There’s nothing worse than having poor quality sleep, especially when you have something to get up for early the next day. Poor sleep leads to lethargy and can diminish your brain's ability to operate effectively during your waking life. However, there are plenty of accessories and sleep aids that can help to improve the quality of your sleep each night, but here are a few suggestions of how you can do this.

1. Eye mask

Eye masks are perfect for placing on your head and over your eyes that will help to block out any light that may seep into your room from outside. When you sleep you should aim to eliminate as much light as possible as this will increase the melatonin levels in the brain, making it more active which is certainly not what you need when you’re trying to sleep.

2. Ear plugs

Earplugs will help to decrease the amount of sound that you may hear at night, which can help you to relax before dropping off to sleep. Ear plugs are particularly useful if you live close to a city or busy roads as they’ll prevent you from hearing cars whizzing past through the night. Alternatively, if your partner likes to watch TV late at night and you struggle to sleep with the sound on, these are a great way to block out the sound whilst you’re trying to nod off.

3. Blackout curtains

If you find an eye mask uncomfortable to wear, but need total darkness to get the best quality sleep you can then blackout curtains are ideal for achieving this. As the name suggests, blackout curtains are generally made of a thick, opaque material that prevents light from penetrating its fabric and entering the room.

4. Memory foam mattress topper

If you have a regular spring mattress and find yourself tossing and turning each night, then you may feel like you need to purchase a new mattress online as this will certainly help to improve your quality of sleep. However, one such way to improve the comfortability of your current mattress should you not wish to purchase a new mattress at this time is to buy a memory foam mattress topper, as this will offer you many of the benefits of a new mattress but without breaking the bank.

5. Sleep lotion

Calming scents such as lavender, marjoram and camomile have been proven to decrease heart rate and blood pressure, which helps you to relax when trying to get to sleep at night. As such, using a sleep lotion you can use as a moisturiser or liquid that you can spray on to your bedding can help to improve the quality of your sleep at night.


While there are many different accessories that you can use to help improve your sleep at night, many of these issues are only able to help relax in order to promote better sleep. However, longer-lasting sleep problems are often associated with problems in our daily lives, so it’s important to try to understand what may be causing you to suffer from poor quality sleep in order to consistently get a better night’s sleep.
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