Are Power Naps As Powerful As They Sound ?

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Chances are that all of us, at one time or another, have napped some time in our adulthood. However, gone are the days where nappers have been labelled as lazy, unproductive individuals. In reality, napping has been linked with a number of cognitive and physiological benefits. However, before we begin getting into the deeper details, let us establish what a power nap is.

A power nap is definitely not a 3 to 4 hour siesta to shorten the time before lunch and dinner, nor is it necessarily even 1 hour in length. Power napping generally refers to a short, 20 - 30-minute sleep session. The reason it is referred to as power nap is due to the powerful benefits it gives in such a short amount of time.


Boosts Productivity and Alertness

A power nap of 30 minutes has been proven to improve alertness, productivity, and even reaction times in a wide array of disciplines. NASA has even looked into the topic of power naps in which pilots were allowed to nap for 25 minutes each day, discovering that just this tiny amount of time resulted in a better performance and alertness. Another study found that planned naps in the workplace improved performance and reactions times of emergency medical personnel such as nurses and paramedics. Napping has also been linked with creativity and the ability to enhance your brain's ability to think more creatively, although this is still only just a speculation.


Improve Heart Health

If you’re looking for a way to reduce your blood pressure without using medication then power napping is definitely something worthwhile. The research was conducted by a cardiologist going by the name Dr Manolis Kallistratos and found that power naps can decrease blood pressure and lessened damage from high blood pressure in the arteries and heart. Another study even showed how your brain's expectation of having a nap influenced a lowered blood pressure. Blood pressure is something many Australians struggle with every day and if the simple task of sleeping is the solution, power naps should be partaken by everyone.


Boost Testosterone

Sleeps effect on testosterone is interesting with researchers discovering that the lack of sufficient sleep resulted in a steady reduction in testosterone and growth hormone production. Although, on the hand, there is a relatively strong correlation between testosterone levels and amount of sleep. This study was conducted with 2 different men sleeping different amounts of time with constant monitoring of their testosterone levels. These findings are important and should be of special interest to people looking to burn fat or build muscle. Furthermore, there are additional benefits such an increase in sex drive.

There you have it, power naps are definitely as powerful as the name suggests. This short, simple sleep has been linked to a long list of benefits in our cognitive and physiological functioning. For one it boosts our productivity and alertness, can improve our heart health by lowering blood pressure plus it can influence our amount of testosterone. One thing equally important as power naps is where you will take them and ensuring you buy mattresses that are high-quality and highly comfortable is important. Visit Nicklor’s store online today and view their unique range of high-quality mattresses.

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