5 Tips To Keep Cool This Summer

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There’s nothing worse than getting poor quality sleep because it’s too hot, especially throughout summer where warm days are a consistent occurrence. As such, there are many ways to combat the heat so you can stay cool throughout the night. Notably, air conditioning will be the most effective method of keeping yourself cool, although you might find that your electric bills will increase or you may not even have an AC unit in your home. As such, here are some simple tips to keeping yourself cool during sleep this summer.

Purchase A Fan

If you don’t have air conditioning, then having a fan in your bedroom is probably the next best thing, as you can direct the cooler air from the fan onto yourself for the duration of the night and will likely cost you less to operate than an AC unit. However, some fans can be quire noisy, so if you’re a light sleeper then it may affect the quality of your sleep. If this is the case for yourself, then maybe look for a bladeless fan as you can expect they’d be much quieter than bladed ones.

Cotton Sheets

Cotton is typically a breathable fabric, which makes it perfect for bedding as it will allow air to pass through easily and will fit snugly over your mattress. Not only that, but certain cottons such as Egyptian offer greater airflow and ventilation than other forms, so are much more preferred to alternative fabrics such as satin, silk or polyester.

Drink Water 

Ensure to drink water before you go to bed as this will hydrate your body and help to keep you cool throughout the night if you begin to overheat. However, don’t drink too much or you might find that you’ll be needing to rush off to the toilet in the middle of the night.

Turn Off Electrics

Some electrical items, such as TVs, games consoles and lamps/lights, will generate heat as a by-product of their operations. In fact, many electrical items have internal fans that prevent the components from overheating, but in many cases this will essentially just blow warm air around your bedroom so be sure to turn them off before bed. 

Have A Shower/Bath

Although this may not be your usual nightly routine, when its warm you might find that taking a shower or bath with tepid water before bed time will cool you down before you go to sleep. Not only that, but it’ll give you the opportunity to relax and unwind so you’ll naturally feel a little more tired.


Keeping cool when you sleep during the summer will help you to enjoy good quality sleep regardless of the outside temperature. Whether it’s ensuring you’re rehydrated before bed or maintaining a liveable atmosphere in your bedroom, keep in mind the above tips to keep cool during sleep this summer.

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